Can I pay by Credit / Debit Card?

Yes. From the checkout screen you click the ‘Make Payment‘ button at the bottom of the page. This brings you to the PayPal website where you can either:

  • log into your PayPal account and pay for your purchased
  • pay for your purchases using a credit / debit card

Why does PayPal not accept my Credit Card?

If your credit card is valid and you have not overstretched you limit the reason why your credit card may not be accepted by PayPal is because you may already have it registered with a PayPal account.

PayPal security measures do not allow you to use a credit card that has been assigned to a PayPal account and therefor you must log into your PayPal account in order to complete your purchase.

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The 14 Day Manicure Team

16 comments on “Help

  1. Suzanne on

    Hi Valerie, See your order as per your details entered on the offers site below. Sorry that you have selected same colour twice but sometimes people do order same colour twice so I would have thought this was what you wanted. Give me a call to discuss. thanks suzanne
    valerie hassall spring cottage 15a station road goostrey cheshire cw4 8pj 01477549091 20130217092130-761 ET7564201 580
    Box Set with 8 bottles Keep Me Interested
    Its All About The Glam
    Keep Me Interested
    Cocoa Trills
    Some Like it Hot
    Flash Black
    Over The Taupe

  2. Orlaith on


    interested in purchasing a kit. But wondering what I do once the cleanser and more importantly the remover run out. where can i buy that?

  3. maynaz on


    Im unsure which would be the best 2 products to purchase for a French Manicure look – i would like a white tip and clear pink for top coat – which of your colours would you recommend?

    would like to place my order today


  4. Kirsty on


    Received our starter kit and after trying it our for a couple of weeks we are loving it 🙂

    We want to buy more colours including a glittery one. What glitter coat is the most transparent? I really want to layer it over a colour coat you see, as you only offer a clear top coat.

    Also how can we order more cleanser/remover?


  5. Suzanne on

    Hi Catherine, Your nails will feel wet at the end but when you use the cleanser it removes the sticky layer and nails will feel dry. You don’t dry for more than 2 mins each time. thanks suzanne

  6. Ann on

    Hi I cant find instructions for working the timer on the lamp. I have not done my nails yet but hope to do so tomorrow but as I said I cant find instructions to work the timer

    Can you help please

  7. Anita Hughes on

    Hi there,

    I’m looking for a brown/chocolate colour? I have skinny latte but that’s more of a gold colour, would you be able to suggest the best colour to get.

    Thanks a million,

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